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Australia is massive and very sparsely peopled: in size it rivals the USA, however their population is just over eighteen million, just like the Netherlands. The land is divided into 6 different regions; Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.

The first people that lived in Australia were the Aborigines. It was the first white people that came to Australia who gave them the name after the invasion in 1788. In January 1788 the first fleet carrying over a thousand people, 736 of them was convicts. The estimated 750.000 native inhabitants of Australia were unilaterally dispossessed of their lands and livelihoods by the British colonists who failed to recognise the Aborigines as owners of the land. Today the Aborigines try to repossess what once were their land.

One of the things that makes Australia different from other continent is the nature and the animals that live there. The koala, kangaroo, the Australian dog dingo, budgerigars and wombats are only a few of the animals that makes Australia so special.

Australians are a very friendly open sort of people. They love their sports, their family barbecues and the beaches. They are known to be very urbanised – were most of the people are living in the larger cities along the coast. Almost 94% of the population are of European decent and as a result we have a western outlook and culture. In general Australians are very tolerant of other people and their customs.

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