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We are a young family who lives in Skjetten near by Strømmen / Lillestrøm.

August 26. 2001, Renée gave birth to a little boy - Svein Michael. In that case, we needed some more space, so we have bought a new house.

February 7. 2006, Renée gave birth to another little boy - Thomas.

We both have a lot of interests. Among them you will find music, football (soccer), down hill skiing, film, photo, data and travel.

As the ages has been put on us, we both exersise 2-3 days a week.


We are both playing Saxophone. Renée is playing Alto Saxophone and Svein Robert is playing Tenor Saxophone. For the time being Renée has taken a breake, while Svein Robert's playing saxophone in "Lillestrøm byorkester".

In the autumn 1998 we spent a month in Australia. This trip was equally exiting, as it was full of adventures. If you want to, you can read more about this in the Australia pages.

In the summer 1999 we spent one week traveling around in Scotland. To read more about this trip, please see our Scotland-pages.

Summer 2000 we went back to Australia. This time we went up north. Read about this trip in the Australia pages.


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