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Venstre koala

Renée og Scrubby ble etter hvert gode venner i Australia's Dreamworld

Venstre koala

I was born mars 25. 1972.
I'm educated Bachelor of business administration (BBA). I took my exams in BI høyskolene - Norwegian School of Management. My special field is logistic. These days I'm working with Thara import AS.

I'm just crazy about animals - NOT those small creepy bugs, snakes and similar. Small cozy kitties and Koala' s is among my favorites. If any of them comes in my way, their in trouble! I just HAVE to pick the up and cuddle! The cats in the neighborhood sure knows that! When they see me, they run away - or just work a BIG circle around me. To avoid me! ... In autumn '98 we went on a trip to Australia. Guess what I did? - Correct! KOALAS!
Please read more about this in the Australia pages ...


I play Saxophone, but for the time being I'm having a breake to take care of my son, Svein Michael. I play he Alto Saxophone.

I try to keep in shape by work out. Usually I'm doing Aerobic and Spinning.
In winter time I'm doing down hill skiing.

I'm also found with European football (soccer), and my favorite teams are Lillestrøm (norwegian) and Aston Villa (England).


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