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Svein Robert


Svein Robert og Scrubby ble etter hvert gode venner i Australia's Dreamworld

I'm born June 20'th 1969 in a small town named Askim, in the county of Østfold. I'm living a happy and turbulent life together with my family, Renée and my two sons Svein Michael and Thomas.

I was celebrating my 30'th birthday summer of 1999, and that, can I tell you, took off! Have a look at the pictures for you self ...

I have made a page where I put some of the SMS messages I frequently receive on my cell-phone. This page will frequently be updated! Have a look...

I'm educated electro engineer, and works with the company named CargoNet A/S, who is a daughter company of NSB. I'm working there as a engineer in telecom an electronics.

My Saxophone

I'm playing Saxophone, mainly tenor. For the time being I'm having a breake to take care of my sons, Svein Michael and Thomas.

Lemmon Curry

... is a soul-/blues band. We play mainly music by famous soul- and blues artists. 
LC are interested in all serious assignments for a celebration party, a wedding, just a consert, etc. - so if you have one, know someone ..., please send me a mail ... I'm also able to send you a demo ... Tell me witch "brand" (mp3, wav, etc).

For the time beeng I'm educating my self in spanish and I'm spending some time excersizing.

My other main interest are football! Two of my favorites are Lillestrøm SK (norwegian) and Liverpool FC.

In the winter time I'm doing some down hill skiing. Mainly "Telemark", but also alpine.

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